DB Students: Planning for Their Success

Students with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss: Planning for Their Success

Presenter: Kathee Scoggin

Part 1: (79 minutes)



  • Identification of children who are considered dual sensory disabled
  • Diversity of the deaf-blind population
  • Challenges these children face in school

Part 2a: (45 minutes)

Part 2b: (45 minutes)



  • Key components of an effective educational program
  • Strategies to reduce sensory overload for these students
  • Daily schedules are more complex and require consistency

Part 3: (87 minutes)



  • Evidence-based learning strategies to use
  • Why a trusting relationship is the basis of all learning for these children

To receive clock hours for a training series, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Watch all parts to the recorded training series (~90 minutes each).
  2. While watching the trainings, write down the clock hour questions that are asked during the training (as described on the instruction sheet that you just downloaded). You can pause the training to do this.
  3. Email the questions and answers to wsds@psesd.org