Educational Interpreter Remote Mentorship Program

This is an 8 month program that offers the following activities to support educational interpreters:

  • Individual interpreter remote mentorship sessions
  • In person group conversation nights with Deaf language models – new!
  • Week long Summer Intensive training at WSD in Vancouver (June 25-29, 2018)
  • Webinars relating to EIPA assessment priority areas – new!
  • One onsite mentor visit—new!
  • Performance EIPA test
  • Boys Town National Research Hospital EIPA Video Conference series free of charge (12/7, 2/10, 4/7) – new!

Application deadline – OCTOBER 23.   For more information download the flyer and/or application:
[FLYER] Professional Development for Educational Interpreters

[APPLICATION] WA Educational Interpreter Remote Membership Program Application

For more information, email or fax the application to (509) 963-1608.