The Safety and Success of Our Children – Parents as Observers, Teachers and Lookouts
Presented by Harold Johnson PhD.

March 13, 2019
Noon – 1pm

This webinar will share information, strategies and resources for parents of DHH infants/toddlers to:
1. Effectively observe, understand and share the meaning of their infant’s/toddler’s behavior;
2. Teach their infant/toddler language skills that will enhance their communication competence and safety; and
3. Establish a “circle of trust” concerning those individuals who are given the opportunity to care for the infant/toddler when parents are not present.

Webinar information will be provided within the context of the “protective factors” that have been found to create a safe and nurturing environment for parents and their children.

Download the flier to read more about this webinar and how to register (PDF)