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No one said it was easy to raise a child or be a child with a hearing loss or vision impairment. But with good information, helpful training, and the right technologies, what was once an unthinkable difficulty can turn into a quite manageable fact in a wonderful life.

Washington Sensory Disabilities Services (WSDS) is here to assist children who are deaf or hard of hearing, blind or visually impaired, or deaf-blind, by providing assessment services, training and other support to children, school districts, families and service providers. WSDS staff are located state wide. Three separate components support WSDS services.

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USH Blue Book

Do you want to connect with others who have Usher syndrome? Check out the USH Blue Book: https://www.usher-syndrome.org/our-story/join-the-ush-blue-book.html?blm_aid=3192904

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The Washington Deaf-Blind Project staff and consultants are working through the current COVID-19 outbreak to offer support to early intervention teams, PreK-12 educators and families.  We are