We can support your team by:

The WSSB Outreach Department provides several vital services to students and staff outside of the WSSB campus.  Our mission is to fill the gaps of service that may be needed in school districts around the state of Washington and to continue to develop new strategies to better serve visually impaired and blind students.

The following services are provided:

  • Itinerant teaching services to local school districts.
  • Functional vision evaluations and learning media assessments.
  • Orientation and mobility evaluations.
  • Technology consultations.
  • Access to educational materials through the Ogden Resource Center.
  • In-service to local school districts.
  • Consultation to local school districts to assist in assessing the needs of visually impaired and blind students.
  • Assistance to local schools districts in recruitment and strategies to provide appropriate services to visually impaired and blind students.

Depending on your questions or concerns regarding a child/youth who is blind or visually impaired, services might include:

  • Outreach and Consultation
  • Resource Recommendation
  • Referral to Local Professionals
  • Connecting Families

Ways our educational consultants can help the family or school team:

  • Provide consultation specific to an individual’s needs
  • Provide access to a Functional Vision Evaluation and Learning Media Assessment if appropriate
  • Recommend classroom and home modifications and accommodations
  • Collaborate to develop IFSP outcomes or IEP goals and activities
  • Assist with finding technical staff as needed; examples are Orientation and Mobility consultants, Teachers of the Visually Impaired, and Braillists

For information regarding a child between Birth to 3 years:
DeEtte Snyder: 360-947-3305 or DeEtte.Snyder@wssb.wa.gov

For information regarding a child between 3 to 21 years:
Pam Parker: 360-947-3304 or pam.parker@wssb.wa.gov