D/HH Eval Services

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Evaluation Services:

Academic & Intellectual

Our Outreach Team School Psychologist with fluent signing skills can provide academic and intellectual evaluation services and social-emotional adjustment and adaptive functioning. This includes assessing students’ current level of intellectual and academic functioning, assisting with determination of the students’ disability category, and assisting with educational programming as needed.

Speech Language
Our speech-language pathologists provide partial or comprehensive speech-language evaluations and consultative services. Evaluations may address the following skills: spoken English, auditory comprehension, phonemic awareness, grammar and syntax, vocabulary (spoken and/or signed), and the functional use of communication skills in social situations. A written report with a summary of findings and recommendations will be provided with each evaluation.

Our behavior specialist (with fluent signing skills) can provide a functional behavioral assessment.

ASL Language:
An ASL Specialist provides evaluation services to assess students’ current level of functioning in receptive and expressive use of ASL. This includes assistance with educational programming as needed (review of educational and pertinent files, individual testing, scoring and interpretation, report writing and feedback meeting with students, parents and professionals).

Our audiologist can provide a Functional Listening Evaluation to determine how much a student is able to access of spoken instruction and conversation, classroom acoustic evaluation, evaluations of FM systems and hearing aid functioning.

Our transition specialist can provide evaluations in transition, and transition planning.

Educational Interpreters:
Our certified interpreter can provide evaluations of your school district interpreters who have supervisors who don’t know how to sign.  These can be ASL/SEE or Contact Signing.  These evaluations can also be done to support the district interviewing process.

Program Strengths and Weaknesses:
Our team can provide program evaluations, which involve observations of the physical setting, student groupings, and the instructional model used.  It also includes curriculum evaluation and both formative and summative assessment input.