News flash! The Pacific & Northwest Consortium for Vision Education (PNWCVE) hosted through PSU received a 5-year grant from the Office of Special Education Programs to train teachers of students with visual impairments over the next 5 years. Under this grant, eligible applicants will receive tuition waivers.

Please help get the word out about this fantastic opportunity to prepare highly-qualified TVIs! The next cohort starts in the summer of 2016. We are, however, accepting applications from individuals who are on a provisional license and need training starting in the fall 2015. For more information, please contact:

Holly M. Lawson, PhD
Coordinator, Visually Impaired Learner (VIL) Licensure Program
Portland State University | Graduate School of Education Special Education

New! All-Expenses Paid Master’s Degree Programs

  1. Teaching Students with Blindness/Visual Impairment
  2. Orientation & Mobility
  3. Rehabilitation Teaching

Northern Illinois University (NIU)

Department of Teaching and Learning
DeKalb, IL 60115

Visit the NIU web page for more details:

There are three programs at Northern Illinois University to train students to work with children and/or adults with visual disabilities. Very generous student support is available on a competitive basis.

Out-of-state Graduate Students Total:
$25,000/year ($5,200 in stipends plus all tuition, fees, and health insurance)

  1. Visual Disabilities Program:
    Teach students with visual disabilities in any type of educational setting as a certified special educator. Graduate and undergraduate programs. This program includes an emphasis on assistive technology to meet the needs for training in this area for students who are blind or have visual disabilities.
    Contact: Dr. Gaylen Kapperman
    (815) 753-8453, e-mail
    FAX: (815) 753-8594
  2. Orientation & Mobility:
    Teach the skills of independent travel, sensory development, concept development, and techniques of non-visual travel including use of the long cane. Graduate program only.
    Contact: Jodi Sticken
    (815) 753-8456, e-mail
    Full-time Component: 16-month program includes on-campus training plus a full-time, 16-week internship off-campus.
  3. Rehabilitation Teaching:
    Counsel and teach the skills of independent living to adults who have visual disabilities. Graduate program only.
    Contact: Gaylen Kapperman
    (815) 753-8453, e-mail
    FAX: (815) 753-8594
    Full-time Component: 16-month program includes on-campus training plus a full time, 16-week internship off-campus.

We encourage students to combine two of the above listed specialties such as TVI and O&M or RT and O&M. We do not offer online (distance) courses. All coursework except for student teaching and internships are completed on campus at Northern Illinois University. NIU is located in DeKalb, Illinois approximately 60 miles west of the downtown Chicago area.

There is a nationwide shortage of teachers of students with visual impairment and certified orientation and mobility specialists (COMs). The following universities offer on-site training and/or distance education programs in these areas.

For more information about college and university programs in visual impairment/blindness, check Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Teacher Training Program in Deaf-blindness at San Francisco State with Stipends for Students Beginning September 2007

San Francisco State University (SFSU) and California Deaf-Blind Services (CDBS) Announce a Teacher Training Program with an Endorsement in the Education of Students who are Deaf-Blind

SFSU has been awarded a four-year personnel preparation grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. This new program will prepare teachers to meet the needs of students who are deaf-blind and will develop the next generation of leaders in the field of deaf-blindness.

The endorsement program in the education of students with deaf-blindness will include—in addition to completing all the coursework and fieldwork requirements for the Moderate/Server Disabilities Credential Program—the following opportunities:

  • One semester of fieldwork at a site serving at least one student with deaf-blindness with supervision from CDBS staff member;
  • Coursework in visual impairments, hearing impairments, and deaf-blindness;
  • An eight-week internship with CDBS during the semester of student teaching that will include observation, supported engagement in technical assistance activities, extensive reflections with CDBS staff on effective practices for education students who are deaf-blind, team collaboration, and technical assistance to educational team members and families;
  • Participation in a regional training provided to families and support providers.

Students will be eligible to receive substantial stipends of approximately $15,000.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Pam Hunt, Professor and Coordinator of the Moderate/Severe Disabilities Area Program
Department of Special Education
San Francisco State University

Teacher training programs to prepare you to work with children and youths who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Time to Enroll for Fall Semester Utah State U-Hadley Courses!

Fall semester at Utah State U- Hadley begins on August 30th, so sign up now! Added to the USU-Hadley program is a new course offering, Introduction to Multiple Disabilities, as well as a non-credit option. Students can now take any course offered through the program at a substantially reduced cost on a non-credit basis, as long as they do not intend to request credit at a later time.

The Hadley School for the Blind and Utah State University (USU) partnered in 2008 to meet the growing demand for an affordable certificate and degree program for professionals offered through distance education. Courses are offered as part of USU’s SKI-HI Institute, a unit of the College of Education’s Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education. This training better enables USU-Hadley students to work with children who are blind or visually impaired often with multiple disabilities.

Students in this unique program are able to earn either a Certificate in Blindness at the undergraduate level or a USU Associate’s degree in General Studies with a Focus in Blindness, preparing them to work in a classroom with school-age children who are blind or visually impaired. Courses include Introduction to Blindness and Visual Impairment, The Human Eye and Visual System, Introduction to Braille, The Role of Paraeducators with Individuals who are Blind or Visually Impaired, Introduction to Low Vision and Introduction to Multiple Disabilities. The program is available to teachers, teacher assistants, paraprofessionals and parents at in-state tuition rate or a reduced rate for non-credit students.

To learn more or register, please visit

To learn about courses for credit, please contact Linda Alsop at or (435) 797-5598.

To learn about the non-credit option, please contact Fran Payne at or (435) 797-5591.