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Resonance Boards

By David Brown

This introductory article includes detailed instructions for building a resonance board, how to introduce it to a child, and other topics.

Items for Use with the Resonance Board

By Kathee Scoggin

This list is just a start. Use your imagination to think of items that might be interesting to a particular child.

PhoneHair ribbons with bellsTissue paperFingernail brushes

Jingle bells

Stuffed animal

Measuring spoons

Mylar pom pom

Car keys

Blocks with bells inside

Cultural items

Aluminum pans

Hair dryerNail polishJewelryToothbrush

Hairbrush, comb


Plate, cup, bowl, spoon, fork

Musical instruments

Salt shaker with beads inside

Pair of glasses/ glasses case


Cooking utensils


Placement of Items on the Resonance Board

By Kathee Scoggin

By placing the same objects in the same location on the resonance board in relation to the child’s starting position, you’re increasing the likelihood that he will develop “spatial memory” for those objects.

Step 1: Introduce child to the resonance board. (Refer to David Brown’s article above for guidance.)


Step 2: Then add items.


Learn More About Dr. Lilli Nielsen

Lilli Nielsen originally promoted the use of resonance boards with children with visual impairment and other disabilities. This website contains additional information.