Space for Active Learning FAQ

Space for Active Learning FAQ2017-10-02T08:56:17+00:00
  • Daily if possible — at least four times during a full school day.
  • At least 15 minutes and up to as much as 40-45 minutes. Note: some children do almost nothing that you can observe for the first 15 minutes! Every time, wait for them to initiate.
  • This depends on the child and what level of stimulation or feedback the child needs.
  • The child needs the opportunity to experience things and events in his own way and at his own pace. He needs to know that everything that happens in the Space for Active Learning is caused by him, not another person. This distancing from others is crucial for the child to learn that he is separate from other people. Eventually he will understand that symbols, words, and signs can represent things, people, events and experiences. The Space for Active Learning gives the child more direct and consistent access to his surroundings.