Enrollment Now Open – TVI Cohort partnership with Stephen F. Austin University

We are excited to announce we’re seeking applicants for our 2nd Co-hort of TVIs through the Stephen F. Austin program.

Below is a web link with application materials specific to Washington for enrollment in the TVI Cohort partnership with Stephen F. Austin University and WA Sensory Disabilities Services. The program will begin June 2018. Questions about the program itself can be directed to Michael Munro at munromicha@sfasu.edu or at (936) 468-1036 and the attached brochure will provide information about coursework.

Click the link to visit the website for more information – http://www2.sfasu.edu/visual-impairment/WA/

Applications are due to Stephen F. Austin by April 1st.

Although the program itself has capacity for more students, up to 9 candidates will have their tuition FULLY funded Course fees and textbooks will be the responsibility of the candidate or their employer if they are going to be sponsored.

If more than 9 qualified candidates apply, selection for funding will be based on specific criteria including qualifications and areas of high need.  As with last year, this cohort is only for people that already have a teaching certificate.

Please feel free to contact me with questions.  We look forward to hearing from many individuals interested in becoming a TVI.


Emily Coleman, Director of Outreach
WA State School for the Blind
State Vision Consultant
WA Sensory Disabilities Services

Teacher Training Programs

Visit Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB) for recommended teacher training programs

Washington State Listserv for Blindness/Visual Impairment Topics

Washington State School for the Blind maintains a free email listserv called “EVE” (“Everyone for Blindness/Visual Education”) for professionals to share information, ask questions, and discuss concerns. To subscribe, go to the EVE website, scroll down to the lower frame in the site, find the “Subscribe or Unsubscribe” link under the word “Options,” and follow the directions.

OR, send an email to listserv@wssb.wa.gov and in the body of the message type: Subscribe EVE.

You will receive a confirmation email from the listserv. Be sure to respond with “OK” in the body of the message, removing all other text, to confirm your subscription.